Privacy Policy

Tech’s Pursuit is committed to safeguarding user information. Our privacy policy outlines the data collected and received by Tech’s Pursuit, emphasizing the practice of privacy and providing users with trustworthy information. Personal data encompassed by Tech’s Pursuit may include email addresses, telephone numbers, user names, and other distinctive identifiers. Visitors to the Tech’s Pursuit website acknowledge and agree to the transfer of data and the mentioned elements. If users prefer not to share such information or are uneasy with the privacy policy, we advise them not to visit the Tech’s Pursuit website.

What Personal Data Do We Collect, and for What Purpose?

Tech’s Pursuit collects the following information

  • Geographical information includes IP address, location, device, browser, and bandwidth.
  • Contact information such as name and address, emails, and other descriptors are also collected.
  • Date and time of website visit. Language, version of browser, and operating system.

Tech’s Pursuit gathers information for commercial and promotional purposes to enhance the quality of our services. Our privacy policy adheres to legal requirements. Additionally, the collected information is utilized for the creation and negotiation of future contracts with website visitors.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

At Tech’s Pursuit, protecting your private information is one of our core values. We will not compromise on data loss. Therefore, Tech’s Pursuit practices confidentiality and integrity. The website uses the latest firewalls, encryption, and confidential information. Secondly, Tech’s Pursuit also uses SSL/TLS protocols for a secure connection between the servers and users. The information is encrypted and does not need a third party to pass it to the user. As a result, the transactions are more secure. However, Tech’s Pursuit do not promise absolute security. No platform can protect information communicated over the internet. If you believe your personal information has been compromised, contact Tech’s Pursuit at

Links to Other Websites

Tech’s Pursuit includes links to external websites, which are not under our management or supervision. We recommend that users review the privacy policies of these websites before visiting them. If a user is dissatisfied with the privacy policy of any external website, we advise them to exit promptly. Tech’s Pursuit does not have control over or contribute to the privacy policies of external websites. This policy exclusively pertains to Tech’s Pursuit and its information processing practices.

Minor Privacy

Tech’s Pursuit prioritizes the privacy of minors. Users under 13 years (or 16 for California residents) need parental consent. If we need their data, minors must show they have permission. Tech’s Pursuit does not collect information from visitors aged 13 and below.

Information For Residents in California

Tech’s Pursuit privacy policy is generated under the California Online Privacy Protection Act and California Consumer Act. The section explains how we treat information from California residents. Tech’s Pursuit has collected names and contact information in the previous year. Other data includes location, browsing trends, and credentials. The visitors can request the information details twice yearly according to the CCPA guidelines. Tech’s Pursuit does not sell collected data and personal information of website visitors whose age is less than 16 years.

Information for Residents in Brazil

The privacy policy complies with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law. If you are a resident of Brazil, the information collected will improve user experience. It will satisfy legitimate concerns. The data is useful in developing future strategies. Tech’s Pursuit will use the information to enhance the services and identify unlawful acts. The data is analyzed against local laws where Tech’s Pursuit information is shared. After the consent of the Brazilian user, we will share promotions. In short, the LGPD products the user rights with certain limitations. Brazilian visitors cannot change personal data. They cannot remove or request access. Lastly, residents in Brazil cannot alter their marketing choices, such as removing consent for data collection.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Tech’s Pursuit has the absolute right to change, remove, alter, and upgrade the Privacy Policy. We will amend this Privacy as necessary to match the new legislation. Moreover, the privacy policy will also be updated if the privacy laws change in the jurisdiction. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted separately on the Tech’s Pursuit website. The administrator will share the information publicly. Tech’s Pursuit practices transparency with its website viewers. We do not conceal or misrepresent facts for personal gain. Tech’s Pursuit regularly updates its privacy policy with easy-to-understand terms to empower users.

Contact Tech’s Pursuit

Tech’s Pursuit looks forward to user queries. Feel free to contact us for questions and concerns. We encourage you to practice your data privacy rights. Our team will answer queries regarding Privacy policy and the mentioned data protection. You can also contact us for promotion and collaboration.


Last Updated: 31/12/2023