13 Free AI Tools for Students in 2023-24

Gone are the days when the students had to travel to participate in the class physically. They no longer need to walk miles or wait at the bus stop to go to school. Virtual technology has made it possible to take quizzes and chat. It has also enabled focused activities to sharpen skills. Here are a few tools students can use to broaden their knowledge.

  • The best AI tools for students let the user set goals. As a result, they can enhance their essay writing or solve math problems quickly.
  • Free AI tools for students are promoting blurred lines between technology and traditional learning. The students can discuss their problems with the teacher in a secure online room.
  • AI tools for students boost interactive learning. Chatbots simplify tough-to-understand topics. The students grasp complicated learning very quickly.
  • AI tools will keep students-related sensitive data safe from hackers and malicious users. Their personal and academic information is protected from unwanted individuals because AI ensures user privacy.
  • AI fascinates the students significantly. They can explore its different types and how machine learning contributes to the academic sector. The tools have natural language processes and neural networks that make academic adventures more reliable.

The Best AI tools for students and teachers today

1. Grammarly GO

Grammarly GO is a recent addition to the trending free AI tools for students. Its GPT-3-based algorithm educates the user about many topics. In addition, the students can use Grammarly GO for creative essay writing. They can also use the tool to rewrite text or come up with ideas. In short, it is a useful tool for machine learning.

Grammarly GO will check the document for grammar and consistency errors. Furthermore, the students can use the tool to come up with a guideline. Grammarly Go will improve the quality of text tremendously. You can customize the settings to make the text more cohesive.

2. Duolingo

Are you interested in learning a new language? Colleges and universities enroll talented students who are multilingual. There, we recommend using Duolingo, which will help you broaden your linguistic skills. It is a web-based tool and an application you can download. Duolingo works closely with OpenAI technology. It has a GPT-4 model to increase engagement and quality of service.

The technology at Duolingo is very dynamic, meaning it can adapt to different requests. The students can create their courses according to requirements. Moreover, Duolingo assesses the student’s capability via audio input and text.

3. Jasper

Have you heard of Jasper? It is also one of the AI tools for students. You can use the tool to generate high-quality text with relevant keywords. Jasper’s output does not sway from the original topic. It is user-friendly, easy to learn, and offers prompt service. As a result, Jasper is a beloved free AI tool for students and teachers.

Jasper will break down the text into smaller parts for paraphrasing. You can use it to check the writing or make it more creative. Jasper is very different than other AI services that claim they are the best AI tools for students.

4. Open edX

Open edX is also a famous and free AI tool for students. This is a leading learning platform with an open-source algorithm. Open edX combines GPT innovation with EdX’s conventual approach. The students get to learn a lot from Open edX. Its module on tech is quite informative.

Open edX is now being used by government agencies and businesses. Universities also use the tool for student-focused results. Its user interface is interactive, and students can access the course very easily. If you are looking to improve your grades, Open edX is a fine recommendation.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is an online course that offers game-based learning for students of all ages. The teachers can create custom classrooms with goals for the students. Kahoot has made learning joyful and memorable. It is one of the best AI tools for students to create personalized quizzes and promote learning.

Kahoot establishes a bond between the student and teacher because learning is tailored for each subject. The teachers can review and check the student’s work online. The complete guide for Kahoot is available here.

6. Texta

Texta sounds like an odd name when you think about AI tools for students. Many do not know it exists. However, it comes highly recommended for its educational content, website, and social media advertisements. Students, teachers, and other staff use Tecta to come up with new ideas or summarize courses.

Texta is based on GPT-3 technology, which makes its machine learning like talking to a human. You can use it to generate a lengthy blog post or a course. The tool is available in more than 25 languages, which is unlocking Texta’s doors for the global audience.

7. Khan Academy

Khan is one of the AI tools for students that has a long history. It has been facilitating students, young minds, and teachers for more than a decade. Khan Academy is based on GPT-4 technology, which customizes learning and course layout. It lets the teachers analyze each student’s performance and offer advice.

The tool is quite advanced because of its algorithm. Khan Academy offers consistent learning with a focus on gradual academic evolution. The students can quit the academy anytime they wish without cancellation or charge.

8. Notion AI

Notion AI boosts learning by assisting students in creative writing. The user can turn the text into a gist. Moreover, they can also modify and brainstorm ideas for writing. Notion AI positively impacts learning to the GPT-3 model. You can create custom strategies for academic tasks.

In addition, Notion AI will also analyze student information to identify shortcomings. As a result, the educator creates custom plans. Notion AI saves time from administration work because it is now automated. As a result, the teachers can focus on the students without mundane tasks disturbing them.

9. Ivy.AI

Ivy.AI is a smart and one of the best AI tools for students by Ivy Quantum. The learning platform performs like a chatbot where the students can ask Ivy simple questions. The conversational surrounding makes the user feel comfortable. Ivy.AI is available in on-demand and generic models.

Ivy.AI also has a Quantum Mail feature, which you can install as an add-on in different browsers. Thus, replying to emails in an online classroom becomes easier. You can interact with the platform in many languages. Furthermore, use Ivy.AI to enhance your second language with its AI tools.

10. Write Mage

Write Mage is one the AI tools for students that is available in an application from Apple and Android devices. Write Mage combines API from ChatGPT and is an excellent option for advanced learning. Its academic tools are very different from conventional learning, which builds an interest in subjects very quickly.

With the help of Write Mage, you can write essays and codes. The tool will check grammar and translate texts into many languages. The students can save the conversation with the tool. You can browse the history to complete pending chats.

11. Slack

Slack is one of the best AI tools for students that teaches the user how to communicate and collaborate. The AI tool is popular among professors and teachers. You can easily share the resources and build safe, educational surroundings.

Slack is a GPT API tool that enables students to learn faster. You communicate better. Slack will summarize texts. You can take advantage of the typing support.

12. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the growing AI tools for students that uses flashcards to teach students. As a result, they memorize the information very quickly. It will grow the knowledge pool and teach the students about different learning styles.

Quizlet promotes efficient learning and collaborates with Open AI. The students can interact with different quizzes and study material. Experts have applauded Quizlet’s non-traditional but successful ways of learning.

13. Fotor

Fotor is a unique AI tool for students as it focuses on art and creativity. The students can let go of their imagination and translate thinking into stunning art based on prompts. AI-generated paintings also inspire other students to paint and design. Everyone is surprised with a fresh perspective.

Fotor ensures the text stands out. In addition, the visuals also complement the words. Fotor is primarily used for presentations and creating presentations.  

Technology Makes Learning Easier

The above tools are designed to promote learning and innovative thinking right from home. The AI tools for students ensure they can attend the class from anywhere around the while. They could be traveling, on vacation, or simply being home-schooled. Enroll your children today and watch their prowess grow. Visit Tech Pursuit to learn about crypto scams and how to stay away from them.

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