Start Strong, Finish Rich: How2Invest’s Guide for Financial Newbies

Have you heard about a friend who doubled their money investing in real estate or buying company shares? And now you are trying to figure out how he did it? Well, don’t worry. We are here to tell you a secret about how you can double your money like your friend with a reliable business partner.

Investments are a great way to make money. Whether you invest a small amount or major, they are most likely to pay off over time.

But like most investors, you might be thinking, where do I invest, and who is going to help me?

 A straightforward answer to this is “How2Invest”.

How2Invest is a complete, comprehensive platform for your first or next investment. It covers all the crucial features to carry out the best investment returns. In this article, we will explore how successful investors get the best returns using How2Invest.

So, without further delay, let’s get going:

Understanding The Basics of Investment

The act of putting some money into buying an asset to generate income is known as investment. For example, a person buys a brand-new car with the idea that the price will increase in the future. If the price goes up, he sells it out and gains some profit. This act of buying and selling is called investment.

Keep in mind that buying a product as an investment is not meant for personal use. Rather, the goal is to create some wealth for the future. Let’s learn how investments can actually help in growing wealth:

  • Investments have the potential to provide profitable returns
  • It can help in surviving at tough times during inflation
  • Investing in real estate or stocks can help in building valuable assets
  • Investment in different categories can reduce the level of risk
  • Above all, investments are a great resource at the time of retirement

Top Profitable Investments You Should Never Miss

No doubt, we are living in an era where there are endless opportunities for investment. But the big question is,

Where should I invest my money?

What are the best available options to get more returns?

Well, don’t worry because we have your back on this. Below are some of the top categories where you can consider making your first or next profitable investment:

1. Stocks

Investing in stocks simply means buying some shares of a public or private company. Usually, investors look for small companies that perform well but lack funds for their growth. Such companies always have the potential to grow in the future.

2. Bonds

This is a very common investment we often hear around us. The Government entities issue bonds as debt securities. This is a low-risk investment, meaning the reward is also low, unlike other investments.

3. Mutual Funds

Another great way of growing wealth is investing in mutual funds. The companies pool money from multiple investors like you and I to build their portfolios.

4. Real Estate

Almost everyone knows how to invest in real estate. However, if you are someone hearing this term for the first time, let me explain. Investing in real estate is simply buying a portion of land for passive or quick income.

You can either get a good return from rental income or value appreciation.

How to Reward Yourself With Profitable Investment

Every time you think of investing in something big, there is always one person that creates fear of having serious risks. Of course, safe investments are not bad, but they come with lower returns. But the question is, “What should I do to make a profitable investment with lower risk?”

Well, to answer this query, How2Invest provides a simple yet unique roadmap for your next profitable investment:

  • Research: Before investing your money, It’s good to put your energy into research. It helps to understand the conceivable returns and possible risks.

After all, one should know what he/she is investing in.

  • Consulting with Seniors: Once you are clear with the investment category, it is good to consult with professionals. Not only will they answer your concerns but also educate you to avoid likely risks on the way.
  • Keeping up to date: After making a healthy investment, it’s important to stay aligned with market trends. This can be done by joining newsletters or attending events that relate to your investment.
  • Compounding: This may sound unfamiliar to yo. Compounding is the act of reinvesting your gains into buying another asset for more wealth building.

What is How2Invest?

How2Invest is one of the reliable financial platforms that simplifies your investment journey. It provides all the necessary knowledge and tools for profitable investments. Moreover, this platform focuses on maximizing your returns with the least risk.

One of the amazing features of How2Invest is the real-time data. The analytics and insights it provides are helpful in making an effortless investment. This means individuals would be investing and aligning with the latest market trends.

How2Invest also understands that not all investors have the same approach. It designs investment strategies as per your financial approach. Whether you are investing for the first time or a seasoned one, How2Invest will assist you in either way.

Why choose How2Invest?

With so many options in the market, choosing the right and reliable investment platform can be stressful. But not anymore.

Here are the top features that make How2Invest stand out from the competition:

  • Portfolio Management

How2Invest provides one of the best portfolio management tools. It provides a customizable dashboard and regular performance reports to make valuable decisions. Whether you are investing in bonds or stocks, tracking your investment is not a big deal.

  • Risk assessment

Strong decisions are impossible without understanding the risk factors. That is why How2Invest comes with a risk assessment tool. It educates about the possible risks that may occur with the investment and helps in making healthy decisions.

  • Education Resource

One of the best features of How2Invest is the wide range of educational resources. Their learning aids include webinars, videos, tutorials, and articles for beginners and professionals. These academic resources will help in refining your investment strategies.

Getting Started With How2Invest

I am sure after reading such premium features, you might have just one concern in your mind right now.

“How do I start using with How2Invest?”

Getting started with How2Invest is as easy as creating a Gmail or Yahoo email ID. It involves the same signing-up criteria as any other.

Let’s walk you through the whole process:

Visit the Web or AppGo to or download the app from the app store
Sign-upSearch for a sign-up or create an account button to start the registration process.
Personal InformationThis section includes name, phone #, Email address, and residential address
Username & PasswordCreate a username and a strong password for your login process.
VerificationThis might include verification either through email or Photo proof. This is important for security purposes
Terms & ConditionsLook for the button that says” Agree to terms and conditions”. Click on the button to complete the process.
Account SetupOnce you are done with the above process, a window might pop up asking for certain preferences. For instance, investment goal, risk tolerance, or area of interest.
Account LinkingYou’ll be linking a bank account for sending and receiving funds for your investment

And there you are, ready to rock the world.
Remember, these are the basic steps for accessing How2Invest features. Some things may change with time from the company’s latest updates.

The Easy-to-Use Interface of How2Invest

One of the main highlights of How2Invest is its super user-friendly interface. Whether you are a beginner or a professional investor, navigating through the dashboard is simple and easy. Here are some of the main highlights of the control panel:

  • It shows a portfolio management tool that tracks your investment progress.
  • Wide house of educational resources like videos, articles, etc.
  • Provides investment options at present for different assets.
  • Discover tools that provide real-time market analysis
  • Risk assessment tool that evaluates the total risk within an investment
  • Customer support section that includes live chat, phone support, and email

These are the main highlights of the How2Invest dashboard. Each of the above features will empower you to make a strong and healthy investment.

How to Create Your First Investment Profile on How2Invest

In order to create an investment profile on How2Invet, you will need to provide the following necessary information:

  1. Current Financial Position and available assets so that the platform can provide recommendations accordingly
  • Define your goal, whether you are looking for a long-term or short investment.
  • Any personal preferences like a specific industry or where you wish to invest?

These are the basic information that How2Invest requires for creating an investment profile. After completing the process, it’s important to regularly check for the latest market updates to avoid missing any golden opportunity.

Building A Solid Investment Strategy

There is no one rule or approach to setting a solid investment strategy. The concept changes with different types of investment. However, setting your financial goals and risk tolerance are crucial in every case.


The concept of “Diversification” relates to an old saying, “Don’t pull all your eggs in one basket”. Investing your funds in different assets to avoid risk factors is the idea. If any asset goes down or wipes off, you will have a backup with other assets to save you from losing the remaining money.

Long Term vs Short Term Strategies

There are two main types of investments, Long term, and Short term ones. Long-term investments require patience and usually provide results after a long time, like in real estate. People who invest to secure their investment are usually in this category.

Contrary to this, the short-term investment is opportunistic, agile, and provides quicker results. The individual buys and sells according to the fluctuation happening in the market to get some serious return-investment.

How Market Analysis is So Easy With How2Invest

Before we explore how How2Invest provides the best tactics for market analysis, let’s understand what it actually means. Market Analysis is the careful assessment of your business target market where you are about to invest.

This analysis allows you to evaluate the chances of success and failure by looking at the competitors within the market. This research includes market size, buying motives, price fluctuation, revenue projections, etc

How2Invest comes with a wide range of market evaluation tools. It doesn’t just stop by just providing an investment recommendation. Rather, it provides real-time data to make necessary changes and make wise decisions.

What are Market Indicators?

I am 99% sure that you are hearing this term for the first time like I did in old times. Market Indicators are simply studying the behavior of the market trend whether it is going up or down. The power to project future trends helps a lot in cutting down any major loss in the future.

For instance, If I buy some stock in a company and after a few days, the share price drops rapidly, it’s better to sell them as quickly as possible.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Making An Investment

There is no other way to double your money other than making an investment. While it may sound exciting, it can become painful if you make one of the following mistakes:

1. Not Recognizing the Market

One of the common mistakes most of beginners make is not understanding the market at all. As a beginner, I would always recommend investing in a mutual fund. When you are completely aware of the market, go for the big shot

2. Emotional Attachment to the Company

Another common mistake most investors make is funding the same company over and over again. Why? Because they have fallen in love with the company, even if they don’t get good returns. Remember, we are here to double our money, not a marriage.

3. Lack of Patience

I am sure you know how a crocodile wins the race from the rabbit by going slow and steady. The same goes when making an investment. Great returns require some patience, and nothing happens overnight. If you lack patience and want results quickly, I would suggest you not invest at all.

4. Waiting to Get Even

Where there is profit, there is always some risk. And Sometimes, the risk dominates the profit. In this case, it’s best to minimize the loss by selling it off and reinvesting somewhere else to recover your loss

5. Not Diversifying

While professional investors might skip diversifying their investments, a beginner should never try this. Instead, look for an opportunity of a mutual fund where multiple people are funding. This reduces the risk factor a lot and allows you to study the investment tactics over time.

Staying Informed with How2Invest

How2invest bridges the gap between investors and market trends. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates and relevant information. Thank you soo much for staying with us till the end.

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