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Men have erectile dysfunction behind closed doors. Unfortunately, because of societal thinking and the stigmas attached to it, the individual cannot seek help openly. Therefore, affordable and discreet options are necessary more than ever. Let us introduce BlueChew, an online medicine service that bridges patients to certified professionals.

BlueChew offers chewable medications and online consultation. It is an innovative system that protects the identity of the customers and delivers medication to their homes. If you are curious about BlueChew’s free trial and its service, continue reading.

Begin Your BlueChew Free Trial

Do you wish to experience BlueChew medication for free? Then, you will need to sign up for BlueChew free trial.

Step 1: Visit the website

Launch your favorite browser. Visit Click Choose a Plan.

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Step 2: Choose a Plan

In the next step, the user chooses a plan. BlueChew’s free trial includes three medicine plans with further more options. You first pick the medicine and then the dosage and plan type.

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Step 3: Fill in the Profile

BlueChew requests the user to fill in their personal details and medical history. You must input the information with honesty. Otherwise, the results are compromised. Once all the details are filled in, click Submit.

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Step 4: Enter Address

BlueChew’s free trial continues! You must enter your complete address and phone number. Click Delivery

A screenshot of a checkout

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Step 4: Picking Delivery Options

BlueChew will reach your doorstep in:

  • 3-4 business days. The Ground option costs $5.00.
  • 2-3 business days. The Expedited option costs $6.95.
  • The next business day. Overnight shipment costs $29.95.
A screenshot of a checkout page

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Step 5: Payment

The customer will enter their credit card information, such as number, expiration, and CVV. Ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong and encrypted to prevent online theft. Read how to secure devices from online threats here. Click Buy Now.

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How Does the BlueChew Free Trial Progress?

Step 1: Review the Form

BlueChew’s free trial begins with a comprehensive understanding of the candidate. The profiled filled above reveals detailed data about your physical health, ongoing medication, and other parameters. If you are taking nitrating medicine, then BlueChew is not for you. Secondly, the candidate is asked to stop taking other ED medications if they are on them. The questionnaire is sent to a certified doctor for further analysis.

Step 2: Consult with a Doctor

The candidate receives a consultation from the doctor through its telehealth portal. The medical professional will answer any concerns. Furthermore, the expert will look at the case with a fine comb. The candidate can ask questions because the answers are prompt.

Step 4: Pay the shipping expense

If the experts are pleased with the answers and approve the profile, the candidate moves to the ordering phase. They will have to pay a benign shipping fee. You can cancel the BlueChew free trial anytime. The user can cancel the trial after the order is on the way if they do not want more pills.

Step 5: Unwrap the pills

The candidate will greet the package at their front door. It is packaged carefully so as not to raise eyebrows.

Why Sign Up for BlueChew Free Trial?

BlueChew’s free trial offers many advantages for men who wish to enhance their sexual performance. The benefits are

Flexible payment plan

The customers can choose between three options: vardenafil, tadalafil, and sildenafil. As a result, they can pick the best medication according to their health requirements.

Easy Service

The online service eliminates the need for in-house visits. You can talk to the doctors using email and phone. BlueChew is accessible by phone or email. Furthermore, BlueChew ensures secretive shipping to maintain candidate privacy so they can improve sexual well-being.


You can pick the BlueChew payment plan that benefits your budget. You do not need to break the bank to remedy ED anymore. With multiple options, the medicine is accessible to a wide range of candidates.

Improved Candidates

BlueChew wishes for the candidates to enjoy their coital activities. The candidate will experience long-lasting erections and an increase in confidence. You can now satisfy your partner fully!

What is the Dosage of BlueChew Medication?

BlueChew doctors insist you follow the given usage and medicine guidelines for excellent results. Therefore, take the chewable pills as the doctor says. You can take them 30 minutes to an hour before performing sex. Its effect will last for four to six hours. Some chewable pills stay in the body for a day to 36 hours.

Depending on the frequency of your sexual acts, you can place a bigger order. However, you should consult with your physician as well as BlueChew doctors.

Does the BlueChew Free Trial Cause Side Effects?

Unfortunately, medicine in BlueChew free trial can cause adverse effects. You will complain of headaches and muscle mass. You will feel flushed. The chewable pills can cause nausea and indigestion. You must talk to a medical professional about your history before taking new medication. The chewable tablets are not for you if Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis do not suit you. 

BlueChew Payment Plans

Type Of Plans6mg Tadalafil8mg Vardenafil30mg SildenafilUses
Active PlanFourFourSixOccasional sexual activity
Busy PlanSevenEightTenFrequent sexual activity
Popular Plan141517Consistent medication for long-lasting performance
Pro Plan283034Daily support for sex

Register With BlueChew Today

We understand talking about erectile dysfunction is challenging when there is limited information. Before you take the next step, enroll in a risk-free BlueChew free trial. You can take their ED medication to see if they are an excellent fit.The trial is simple where you can assess the results. The candidates decide if they want to plan, cancel, or choose another subscription option.

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