Pursue Fitness and Ever-Lasting Health with VASA 3 Day Pass

Have you ever thought what it would be like to join a gym without paying for it? Now you can use with VASA free pass, whose features range from basic to premium. You can take advantage of the massage, tanning, and fitness classes. Exercise with your friends in group sessions.

Moreover, VASA is very affordable, and anyone can afford it. The gym chain is dedicated to providing specified training to anyone who needs it. Let’s learn about its different membership options before we teach how to sign up for the free VASA fitness day pass.

VASA Fitness Basic Membership Costs

Basic Membership

The basic member does not break the back. The primary fee is $79, with a $9.99 enrollment fee. The membership includes:

  1. Access to Enrollment club
  2. Cardio exercises
  3. Free weights and access to the locker room
  4. A turf and lifting area
  5. Strength and performance training machine

Fitness Membership

VASA fitness membership costs $21.99 monthly with no enrollment fee. Here are the features

  1. Access to nationwide VASA locations
  2. Group Fitness
  3. Basketball and Cardio exercises
  4. A fitness cinema and weights
  5. Locker room access
  6. Group fitness sessions
  7. Hydromassage, indoor pool, and light therapy
  8. Access to turf and lifting areas
  9. Racquetball
  10. Steam, sauna, and spa
  11. Tanning

Studio Membership

The VASA Fitness Studio membership costs $39.99 monthly with no enrollment fee. You can participate in

  1. Body scans that cost $30 per value
  2. Unlimited cycle and Red HIIT classes
  3. Access to VASA locations
  4. Basketball, cardio deck, and weights
  5. Fitness cinema and locker room access
  6. Group fitness sessions
  7. Turf area and hydro massage lounge
  8. Indoor pool and lifting area
  9. Racquetball
  10. Light therapy and tanning
  11. Steam, sauna, and spa
  12. Strength training classes

Different membership options at VASA

Before we share how to sign up for the VASA 3-day free trial, here are the membership picks

Basic membership

The most basic membership options offer access to a single VASA location. You can enjoy amenities such as weightlifting and cardio but nothing more. The price varies from $9.99 to $19.99 monthly, depending on the VASA location.

Plus membership

The Plus membership is in addition to the basic membership. The subscriber enjoys VASA Fitness locations, tanning, hydro massage, and family privileges. The fee is $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the VASA location.

Elite Membership

Elite membership has additional benefits of the Plus membership. You can invite as many guests as you want with access to the Kids Club, too. The individual can also participate in group fitness sessions. The fee is $29.99 and $39.99 monthly, depending on VASA location.

Premium Membership

Premium membership has the total features of the Elite and Plus membership. There is also an additional training session you can join. The benefits cost $39.99 to $49.99 at the VASA location.

VASA has a different lengths of contracts for their membership offers. You can decide on the different monthly options as well. The prices may vary according to the location. Therefore, check with the local VASA center to confirm the expenses.

How to Sign Up for the Vasa Free Trial?

  • You can go to the local VASA fitness center. However, the quickest way is to visit the VASA website https://vasafitness.com/
  • Click Join, which will lead you to the membership page.
  • The user must complete the registration form. Recheck the billing information and personal information. Use a secure connection with powerful Wi-Fi signals to prevent identity theft.
  • Review the information. Agree with the membership details. Click Get Your Free Pass.
  • Pay the first month’s fee to continue with the VASA 3-day pass trial process.
  • The membership is now complete, and you can enjoy the different features.

How to Cancel the Vasa Free Trial?

Unfortunately, VASA practices cancellation fees if you do not wish to enroll and enjoy the fitness features. However, the cancellation penalties are application a few situations. According to the VASA’s private policy, the individual must give a 30-day notice for cancellation.

The individual must clear the previous dues. Moreover, they must also make payments for the following 30 days. If an individual cancels the subscription within the first six months, they must pay a $25 cancellation fee. If you do not wish to cancel the VASA free pass, you can freeze the subscription for three months.

Can a Guest Join the Vasa Fitness Trial?

The VASA free trial with guests costs $15.99 monthly. The guest privileges are added on top of the basic membership. The VASA member can add at most two guests.

The guests are added to the gym. You can also use the VASA application on your Apple or Android phone.

The guest must be between 12 and 17 of age. The parent or guardian must sign a waiver mentioning their consent to join VASA. Furthermore, the guest must also show identification and can enter the building with the member.

The guests can enjoy Studio Red, Kid Care, Massage, and Tanning.

Time to Wrap Up!

Now, you can actively participate in fitness classes thanks to VASA. The three-day trial will motivate you to make time for yourself! You will build a strong immunity system with endurance for tough exercises. Visit the VASA website to sign up for a trial.

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