How To Block Mind Reading Technology?

Are you in disbelief that artificial intelligence and machine are now overlapping boundaries with the human mind? Are you wondering does mind-reading technology exit? It is the question on the public’s minds because of soaring curiosity. And we have the answer for you!

Mind reading technology has been in the development phases for some time. You can pick its first few attempts in three decades. Unfortunately, the progress has been very slow. Mind reading technology cannot read your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. However, scientists are working day and night to make the technology work.

Experts are basing their mind-reading study on body language, facial expressions, and eye movement. When fitness gadgets and smartwatches are becoming common, tools on how to block mind-reading technology are not far off. You will soon find them in our everyday lives.

Are the Human Mind and Machine Connected?

Scientists have spent years developing and investing in wireless mind-reading technology. The projects are justified to make matters easier for individuals who cannot communicate due to impairment or medical issues. In fact, the University of Essex invested $16.5 million into the BCI interface to streamline mind and machine communication.

Mind-reading tools are becoming readily available. Unfortunately, they are not regulated. As technology improves, sufficient steps are necessary so companies and states do not use mind-reading services for personal gains. Moreover, the regulations will also implement hacker prevention too.

Neuralink by Elon Musk is already raising eyebrows for the same reasons as the program crossed unthinkable boundaries in people’s personal lives. Thus, provoking us to ask ourselves how to block mind-reading technology.

How to Define Mind-reading Technology?

Mind-reading technology amalgamates computed tomography, electroencephalography, and magnetic resonance imaging. According to recent research, neuroimaging has also allowed machines to read the human mind. Based on the concept, the advancements are exemplary as machine learning reaches normalcy.

In addition to the technology, the brain-computer interface is a newer format of mind-reading. Even though the concept is still in development, many people are concerned about its unauthorized access into the human mind.

How to Block Mind-reading Technology?

You have heard about wireless mind-reading technology from the phone, tv, or other news outlets. Subsequently, keeping your thoughts to yourself is justified. Undoubtedly, you are concerned for your safety and mental well-being. Questions regarding the technology’s ethical implications encircle your mind.

Regardless of the scenario, here are a few tips to keep what goes on in your brain completely private. Continue reading to learn how to block mind-reading technology

Buy a Faraday Cage for yourself and your loved ones

Faraday Cage

A Faraday Cage is commonly used to regulate electromagnetic fields. However, they work perfectly for blocking intrusive technology. The cage will not transfer the signals sent from your brain to the device. Because of the metal’s conductive properties, you can create a Faraday Cage using aluminum.

  1. In the first step, gather sufficient conductive metal to cover the box.
  2. Subsequently, wrap the metal of choice around the box. Ensure there are no gaps or the signals cannot be blocked.
  3. Lastly, you can also add a mesh screen to fortify the cage. Thus, strengthening your privacy.

Purchase books from a shop

Purchase books

The growing trend of reading books online is also concerned with over-stepping wireless mind-reading technology. Even though the ease of highlighting, making notes, and preventing paper wastage is applaudable, it is not worth sacrificing your privacy over. Reading books over tablets, computers, and laptops is a huge safety concern.

Therefore, print the relevant pages or wait for the physical copy of the book to prevent your thoughts from stepping into the virtual world.

Do not look into electromagnetic waves

electromagnetic waves

Another tip on how to block mind-reading technology is to disengage with electromagnetic fields. Science has discovered that these unseen waves can read the human mind. Therefore, do not glance at them directly. EMF has the scary ability to make the human mind predictable. As a result, the brain activity matches the electromagnetic field’s algorithm. It will decipher your thoughts accurately.

Wear a copper wrist accessory

copper bracelets

Of course, the most obvious strategy to prevent wireless mind-reading technology is wearing copper bracelets. This is because the metal renders mind-reading devices useless. After all, they cannot identify distorted brainwaves. Who knew wearing a copper bracelet would make you fashionable and protect your privacy too?

Walk away from computers/phones

In addition, keeping your computers and mobile phones away at a safe distance will also ensure your thoughts stay private. As the computers become optimized, one fears the technology pries. Therefore, place the smart devices away from your personal space after you work or check emails.

A tinfoil hat

tinfoil hat

Wearing a tin foil hat is not a cartoon accessory anymore! Adding the accessory to your outfit will prevent wireless mind-reading technology from entering your mind. Unfortunately, it is not a reliable solution but a step in the right direction. The same strategy applies to wearing a scarf, too, as the accessory is a barrier between the mind and the device.

Keep up with the news

Keep up with the news

Telepathy testing is becoming common to contribute to the advancement of wireless mind-reading technology. Therefore, staying updated with the progression will prevent you from interacting with such devices. You can also share the news with the social circle to ensure their safety.

Activate a jammer

Activate a jammer

You may have heard that a jammer is used to weaken strong Wi-Fi signals. However, the equipment is also successful in blocking wireless mind-reading technology too. The jammer will efficiently disrupt the signals coming from the device. As a result, it cannot read your thoughts.

Purchase an EEG headset

EEG headset

An EEG headset will regulate and closely observe brain waves. Moreover, it will also positively contribute to biofeedback too. Since the headset accessory reduces stress and promotes meditation, calm brainwaves ensure there are no harmful thoughts. Thus, no need to employ mind-reading technology.

Wear a noise-canceling headphone

Wear a noise-canceling headphone

The last suggestion to block mind-reading technology is noise-canceling headphones. The accessory will maintain your focus. The individual stays relaxed and peaceful when the external elements do not catch her attention. Thus, you are less vulnerable to technological manipulation.

Mind readers unite!

When it comes to learning how to block mind-reading technology, the protocols and deciphering tools
are becoming very advanced. Therefore, it is essential to stay ahead of the finishing line. You can browse where the mind readers are being tested. They may also be hosting a protest where you can interact with like-minded individuals. As a result, you stay on track.

Two cents about mind-reading technology

Wireless mind-reading technology is becoming common in advanced industries such as law, education, healthcare, academics, and law enforcement. However, presently, the technology focuses on protecting the public interest, but we all fear its misuse.

Therefore, encrypting accessories, cyber regulations, and implementation of privacy-centric applications are necessary to use wireless mind-reading technology safely. By adapting the steps mentioned above, the individual ensures privacy and their natural right to think freely. Otherwise, mind-reading technology’s adverse impact on our future lives is certain.

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