Fanatiz Free Trial | Unlock Access to Global Soccer Realm

Do you like watching soccer? If so, you can find everything you love on Fanatiz. The streaming platform will actualize your soccer-related fantasies. Furthermore, you can use the website to access different games as well. Fanatiz is home to your favorite soccer league.

As a result, you can watch live broadcast games. You can record games while you are away from your home. Fanatiz’s free trial will unlock video-on-demand features according to your needs. When you are done watching the game, you can browse the endless list of channels.


Fanatiz will educate sports lovers with different statistics and gaming highlights. With the streaming platform, you will not miss anything else in the exciting world of sports. Fanatiz operates from Chile. As a result, you can watch Chilian basketball, hockey, rugby, and other sports. The streaming platform also offers sports from Central and South America. You can watch statistics, documentaries, and weekly summaries.

How to Sign Up for Fanatiz Free Trial?

Step 1: Open your browser

Launch your favorite browser on your computer. Go to Click Watch Now.

Step 2: Register

You can log into Fanatiz free trial with Apple, Google, or other different IDs.


Step 3: Continue registration

After you have successfully logged in, you click your name. Subsequently, click My Profile.

Step 4: Choose Plan

Select Subscribe Now

 Subscribe Now

Choose the right plan, which you can pay easily.

Step 5: Payment details

Enter payment details after you have selected the plan. Fanatiz will ask for bank details and your complete name. Select Pay Securely now.

Payment details

Step 6: Enjoy the free trial

You can now enjoy the seven-day Fanatiz Free trial.

How to Cancel Your Fanatiz Free Trial?

If you have subscribed to the Fanatiz Free trial using a credit card, you can only cancel with the desktop or mobile browser.

Step 1: Visit the website

Begin by visiting the official Fanatiz website.

Step 2: Log in

Use the Apple, Google, or other email credentials to log in to your Fanatiz free trial account. Select your profile.

Log in

Step 3: Profile

Select Manage Subscription.


Step 4: End the free trial

You can end the free trial by clicking Cancel Subscription. Now confirm the process.

End the free trial

If you are facing issues with Fanatiz free trial, you can write an email to You can talk to a customer representative agent to cancel Fanatiz’s services.

What Are the Other Ways to Cancel the Fanatiz Free Trial?

If you have opted for Fanatiz free trial on Android, iOS, and Roku applications, then follow the pathways given below.


  • Launch Play Store on your phone.
  • Go to the Profile icon on the application.
  • Select Payments and Subscriptions. Go to Subscriptions.
  • Click Fanatiz.
  • Select Fanatiz free trial. Click Cancel


  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Select Name.
  • Go to Subscriptions. Click Fanatiz.
  • Click Cancel free trial. Select Confirm


  • Press Home from the remote application
  • Select Fanatiz
  • Press Star on the remote.
  • Click Manage Subscriptions
  • Select Cancel Subscriptions
  • Click Cancel Subscription.
  • Click Done.

Which Channels Are Available on Fanatiz?

After you have subscribed to Fanatiz’s free trial, you can browse the following channels.

  • BeIn Sports
  • BeIn Sports in Spanish
  • Tigo Sports
  • Fore the Fans
  • BeIn Sports Xtra
  • BeIn Xtra in Spanish
  • Tyc Sports
  • GolTV in English
  • Real Madrid in Spanish
  • CATV
  • Real Madrid in English
  • RCN Our Tele

Which Devices Are Compatible With Fanatiz’s Free Trial?

DeviceFanatiz Support
Android mobile/tabletYes
Apple TVYes
Android TVYes
Fire TVYes
Samsung Smart TVNo
LG Smart TVNo
Sony Smart TVYes
Hisense Smart TVYes
Vizio Smart TVNo

Which Languages Are Available in Fanatiz’s Free Trial?

Fanatiz free trial’s languages vary according to the location and server setting. However, you can still stream Fanatiz free trial in primary well-known languages. The video on-demand service is available in English, Latin American Spanish, Argentine Spanish, Brazilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French.

Which Soccer Leagues Does the Fanatiz Free Trial Unlock?

  1. Argentinian professional league
  2. Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana
  3. Copa Diego Maradona, which is Argentinian 1st Division
  4. Liga Bet Play, which is Colombian 1st Division
  5. Ligue 1, which is the French Cup and French 1st Division
  6. Liga 1, which is the Peruvian 1st Division
  7. Liga Pro, which is Ecuadorian 1st Division
  8. Portuguese League
  9. Uruguayan League
  10. El Salvador League
  11. Costa Rica League
  12. Honduras League
  13. Nicaraguan League
  14. Turkish League
  15. Liga MX
  16. Liga Expansion
  17. Liga Femenil
  18. Bundesliga
  19. World Cup Qualifying 2023 to 2026

Fanatiz Free Trial Features

Content whenever you want it

You can browse over more than 1000 hours of content which is available within a few clicks. You can watch soccer matches and documentaries like the United States of La Liga.

Multiple languages

As indicated above, the free trial is available in many languages. You can change the broadcast and commentary according to your linguistic capabilities.

Clear Viewing

Fanatiz offers HD viewing. You can upgrade the quality to 1080 pixels. However, ensure the Wi-Fi connection is strong. The guide is available here.


  1. Fanatiz’s free trial is missing some of the European leagues
  2. You can stream on one screen at a time
  3. The on-demand original content is limited.

How Much is the Expense When Fanatiz’s Free Trial is Over?

Subscription PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Liga1 Play$7.99/month$63.99/year
Front Row Monthly$9.99/month$79.99/year
Brasileirão Play$7.99/month$63.99/year
AFA Play$7.99/month$63.99/year
HandballSCA Pack$5.99/month
CDO+ Monthly$6.99/month$49.99/year

Is Fanatiz’s Free Trial Worth It?

The Fanatiz free trial is an affordable option to browse worldwide entertainment. It offers live broadcasts. You can watch the matches on demand as well. Unfortunately, you cannot record the content while you are away from your home.

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