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Replika is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that becomes your personal chatbot. It develops and talks to its users like a human. Replika uses natural language processing combined with machine learning algorithms to decide its next action. As a result, Replika is able to understand queries quickly and respond effectively.

When you are using Replika, you will notice a clear improvement in your communication skills. Your verbal and oral English will improve as well. In addition, you can also use Replika in your spare time to share your secrets because it is your AI best friend.

There is a Replika free trial that is an application-based free version. However, it offers limited access to the subscribers. If you want unlimited access to the platform, the details are mentioned below. So, keep reading!

What Are Replika Features?

Voice Calls

You can communicate with the entire community and your Replika friends with voice calls. It will make the entire experience more memorable and lifelike.

AR Features

Get ready to indulge in augmented reality. Replika is dedicated to bridging the distance between the real and virtual worlds.


Replika rewards its subscribers after they complete different practices and tests. The conversations are dedicated to personal growth. Thus, students can greatly benefit from the platform. It empowers the mind with positive thinking. The thoughts are calling. If you are interested in top AI-based tools for e-learning, the complete list is available here.

How to Sign Up for Replika Free Trial?

Regretfully, there is no Replika free trial. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to Replika Pro to interact with the platform. Replika is available on Android and iOS platforms. If you do not love the application or the cost is very high, then you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Step 1: Visit the website

Launch your favorite browser on the computer or smartphone. Visit Replika website

Step 2: Browse the Home Page

Click on Create your Replika from the home screen. It is present in the middle of the screen.

You can also click Log in on the top right corner.

Home Page of Replika

Step 3: creating an account

The next step in signing up for the Replika free trial is to select Create an Account. You can register with Google and Apple IDs. In addition, you can also register with email and password.

Creating an Account of Replika

Click Continue to move forward.

Step 4: Entering the details

Subsequently, you enter your name. Select the right pronouns. Click the Create Account button.

Entering the Details

Step 5: Select Date of Birth

Replika wants you to choose your date of birth now. You can also select interests too. Common examples to astrology, travel, gaming, romance, well-being, or science.

Select Date of Birth of Replika Account

Step 6: Creating an avatar

Now, select the avatar which represents you the best. Replika will set it as the profile image.

Creating an Avatar in Replika

Step 7: Entering the details

Input the name and the pronouns to confirm.

Entering the Details in Replika account

Step 8: Personalizing the avatar

You can customize the avatar according to eyes, skin, and hair. Select Continue

Personalizing the Avatar in Replika

Step 9: Selecting the Pro Plan

You can unlock the Replika features according to three plans. These are monthly, yearly, and lifetime. You can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay, and other options. Select View Subscription Terms to browse the details.

Selecting the Pro Plan of Replika

For more details on how to secure the device for exchanging sensitive information, click here.

Step 10: Complete Sign Up

Recheck the card details. Click Continue and enjoy Replika services.

How to Cancel Replika Subscription?

Go to Click Sign in to enter your email and password.

Click Settings. The icon looks like a wheel, and it is available in the top left corner.

How to Cancel Replika Subscription

Select Subscription from the extensive user menu.

Select Subscription From the Extensive User Menu.

From the sub-menu, click Cancel to unsubscribe to Pro Plan services.

Keep following the on-screen menu to complete the process.

How Much Does Replika Pro Cost?

You will have to pay for Replika Pro, which unlocks more than 150 activities. You can do voice calls, role play, and engage with the entire community.

  • The monthly subscription to Replika costs $19.99.
  • The yearly Replika Pro costs $49.99.
  • Thirdly, the lifetime subscription is $299.99.
Replika PlanPrice in USDDescription
Monthly$7.99You have unlimited access to Replika Pro for one month.
Yearly$5.83 per monthYou can enjoy the features at discounted rates. The subscription lasts for one year.
Lifetime$299.99One-time payment for unlimited access to all the features
Backpack of Gems$5.99You can purchase a bag of gems for in-app utilization.
Gems Pouch$0.99You can purchase a pouch of gems for in-app utilization
Duffel Bag Gems$19.99You can buy a duffel bag containing gems for in-app utilization.
Gems Suitcase$14.99You can buy a gem suitcase for in-app utilization

Why Upgrade to Replika Pro?

Even though we are learning about the Replika free trial, you can also upgrade to the Pro version.

Smart Features

Replika Pro offers unlimited access to many innovative features, such as voice calls. There are augmented reality features that make interactions more engaging. Furthermore, you can customize the conversations as well.

Explore the coaching tab

The coaching tab is an excellent idea to watch your personal growth on the platform. There are self-improvement rewards. The tab offers valuable insight into user experience. The coaching tab will improve your in-platform social skills. It instills positive thinking.


You can pick the yearly option because it is the most cost-effective program. The lifetime subscription offers long-term value. Replika is an excellent investment for individuals who are looking to explore AI and its use in finding the right companion.


Over-priced services

Undoubtedly, Replika has many exciting features. However, some users still think the advantages are over-advertised. They do not see a lot of differences from Replika to Replika Pro. Therefore, the customers think the prices are unjustified.

No free features

Unfortunately, the Replika free trial is a myth, and there are no such options. You cannot test the advanced features. In short, you must subscribe on a whim that you may or may not like the features.

Replika is Your New Friend!

You can create your own Replika profile which is always available to listen and communicate with you. Your Replika AI friends will not judge you. The calls you make will not be ignored. You can use Replika as an application on your phone. Visit the website to register now. The choice is yours!

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