How Audi Unveils Shape-Shifting Concept Car Works?

Audi, an internationally recognized manufacturer, has shown time and time again that they are the industry leader in auto-mechanics. Recently, the company stepped miles ahead of its competitors when Audi unveils the shape-shifting concept in a car.

Audi unveils a shape-shifting car, Skysphere, which makes everyone skeptical until they learn more about it. The first futuristic car has two doors and excellent styling features. Moreover, it is fuel efficient, and its electric mechanism is sustainable. In short, the shape-shifting concept is the next step in luxury car markets and future transport.

Audi unveils shape-shifting concept drives on its own! Yes, you read that correctly. However, the vehicle is open to human driving too. The shape-shifting car switches from self-driving to human supervision, expanding to 10 inches or 15 centimeters.

When the transition happens, the car’s front hood moves forward, and the steering wheel folds. The driver’s side and front glass panels expand when the driver activates the self-driving mode. Moreover, the gear also flattens. As a result, the driver in the seating position can relax while the vehicle reaches the destination automatically.

Audi unveils shape-shifting cars powered by an electric motor strategically placed behind the seats. In other words, there is also sufficient place inside the hood so the shape-shifting car can freely transform and move in the front and back directions.

The Inspiration

Skysphere adapts the design inspiration from the Horch 853. Its elongated hood and the doors opening backward were jaw-dropping features in the 1930s. In other news, Horch and Audi had the same founder. However, August Horch’s premiere company was founded in 1904. Five years later, he also laid the foundation of Audi in 1909 due to growing conflicts with Horch.

Horch and Audi joined the Auto Union, created in 1932 after combining four German car manufacturers. The remaining three companies could not survive the market and the competition. However, Audi quickly became the market’s favorite because of its unique designs, customer service, and post-sales features. Now, Audi is a proud member of the Volkswagen Group.

Audi Shape-Shifting Car’s Two Modes

The developers and researchers made it their ultimate aim to deliver technology to car passengers. Here are its two distinctive riding modes:

What is a self-driving mode?

Audi unveils the shape-shifting concept’s primary mode is self-driving. When it is on, the vehicle performs as a touring vehicle where the individuals can admire the outside. Furthermore, the two seats also become very comfortable for long-distance routes. As a result, the passengers are less stressed and more energized about the journey.

The expansive distance from the car’s front to the rear wheels adds suspension. Audi unveils a shape-shifting car that focuses on stability on high-speed roads. Since there is no steering wheel in the self-driving mode, the car expands so the inhabitants can stretch their legs and freely move.

What is the human-driving mode?

When a human drives a shape-shifting car, it becomes a sports vehicle. The shape-shifting car shortens, making the driver more self-aware of the surroundings. Moreover, the car’s suspension drops, making it half an inch nearer the ground.

The steering wheel appears from beneath the dashboard when the human driving mode is activated. In addition, the pedals also come into position at the footing.

Audi Shape-Shifting Car Features

The interior landscape

Audi unveils a shape-shifting concept car that has everyone curious about its interior. Since the technology is unheard of, car lovers questioned the features and the pleasure the car provides. Fortunately, Audi actualized the dreams with a modern outlook on a luxurious interior.

The Grade 4 Automated self-driving mobility offers many features, such as leather seats with a sophisticated design. The interior is bright is spacious as Art Deco Cosmology deeply inspires it. The armrests provide additional comfort. You can play your favorite constantly on the premium audio system. The touchscreen display makes the car easier to drive. Lastly, the car inhabitants can take pictures of the interior and directly upload them to their social media using the interactive display.

Skysphere Interior

The exterior

Audi unveils shape-shifting concept car’s dimensions are similar to the Horch 853. The self-driving car is 1.85m wide and 5.23 meters wide. When the car drives independently, its dimension flattens to 1.23 m without hunches or awkward bends. Moreover, the shape-shifting car has a better center of gravity and improved airflow, making the ride unique.

Furthermore, the car has a wider base to accommodate technological features. Audi unveils shape-shifting car still has signature rim design. Its frame and multi-dimensional layout are a testament to a well-researched exterior combination. Even though it does not have a turbo shield, the car is attractive. Lastly, the exterior also carries LED components, adding to the car’s luxurious design. In short, its cinematography will captivate you.

The Power

Audi self-driving car weighs an estimated 1,800 kilos. Therefore, the car will not break down because it can comfortably hold 750 Nm of horsepower and 465 kW of electricity. Moreover, the self-driving vehicle will accelerate from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in seconds since the rear suspension distribution ratio is near 60%.

The strategically placed rechargeable batteries in the rear ensure weight distribution and expert driving at sharp turns. The car passenger can find the additional features in the car’s central location. In addition, the self-driving car also complies with WLTP regulations. Its battery weighs over 80 kWh and has a lifetime mileage of more than 500 km.

Will you Purchase a Shape-Shifting Car?

Audi unveils a shape-shifting concept car, in theory, which has everyone excited. Conversely, the manufacturer is also hopeful of incorporating innovative technology. Audi argues that the features will simplify human lives with added security. It will also lead to new ideas to enhance automobiles overall.

However, one of the apprehensions Audi faces is the rejection of self-driving technology. Individuals still value manual driving. Therefore, the manufacturer must focus on demographical research to safely promote the car’s speed and features.

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