Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment | The Meaning, Reasons, And So Much More

The courier service in the United States of America has made it possible for online businesses to grow and expand into new markets easily. However, the feature does not assume the logistic process has become seamless. Customers still face challenges today involving international shipments. One of the most common errors is that USPS Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment.

So, what does “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” mean? What are the reasons for it? Continue reading to discover why the product you ordered from a foreign brand is facing a delay.

Why is your package categorized as Origin Post Preparing Shipment?

As mentioned above, Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment error is usually linked to international products. Therefore, most customers will witness the message when the package has reached US customers. However, that is not always what happens.

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a month or Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a week is linked to numerous scenarios. Below are some circumstances where the message is applicable:

  • The custom is still screening the item for safety and regulation purposes.
  • The package is transferred from the warehouse to the sorting system, which will ship to the customer’s address.
  • The package is part of the pallet that has not been filled yet. As a result, the unfortunate delay is occurring.
  • The item awaits processing

What is the reasons for Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment?

It makes sense that you are worrying if you are Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a month has been a constant thought on your mind. If you are waiting for the product in a hurry, the delay can cause uncountable stress too. Here are a few reasons for it:

Reason 1: Issues with transportation

USPS Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment status could be due to transportation issues. Thankfully, the circumstances did not damage the package but delayed the logistics because of storms, rains, and tornadoes.

The aircraft or freight ship cannot travel to the destination because of safety concerns. Therefore, the delay lasts for a few days.

Reason 2: Incomplete arrival scanning

If the courier company has forgotten to perform the arrival scan, it may cause a delay too. Since the package has not become part of the database, it will move through the system without recognition. As a result, the system will not update it.

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment progress changes when the scan is complete. If you have not received the update in a while, it is probably because the system did not scan the tag.

Reason 3: Too many packages

An overflow of packages on the terminal is also a well-known reason for the error. It is probably why the shipment is taking long. Shipment traffic usually increases during the holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

Since the USPS system cannot handle the traffic, they place the “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” message for a very long time until the current bundle is resolved.

Reason 4: International shipment

When browsing the reasons for Origin Post Is Preparing Shipments, international logistics can also cause issues. If you have purchased items from a different country, such as China or Germany, delays will occur due to customary differences. As a result, the package takes more time to reach your doorstep.

If the package is outside your country, it has not become part of the database. Therefore, tracking is not possible. The US Customs team will scan the package and upgrade the customer when imported.

Reason 5: Displacement of the package’s batch

One of the most obvious letdowns of relying on technology is unknown errors. The complicated logistics and custom infrastructure can sometimes lose a package. In other words, its displacement and de-tracking cause issues.

When the package is separated from its batch, it gets damaged. Sometimes, it gets opened too. After identifying the item, the employees will fix what was broken. Moreover, they will package it securely, so it is not lost again. To eliminate the USPS Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment, logistic companies are now introducing manual processes alongside automation to prevent machine errors.

Reason 6: Pandemic and health risks

Since the pandemic in 2020, bio-hazardous events have resulted in unknown challenges. Unfortunately, it also affected sending and receiving packages. If a country’s cases and health concerns grow, international vendors and customers are less likely to shop on it. However, the packages in mid-transit are stuck.

USPS works closely to update the customers if an epidemic or a pandemic severely damages the logistic. You will notice the error of Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment, how long it takes is a separate issue.

How long is the item stuck?

The following unsure messages make you wonder when you will receive the package

  • USPS Origin Post Is Preparing a Shipment
  • Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a month
  • Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment for a week

Unfortunately, it is not easy to calculate the time based on the message. The package can take days and weeks when factoring in origin, company record, and destination. However, we insist you stay hopeful as the item will arrive at the doorstep within a few days.

The logistic provider will not stretch the issue because they are concerned for their public image. An extremely delayed item raises eyebrows as the customers question the company’s internal operations. In short, three to five business days is a justified estimated time for local items.

International packages, on the other hand, will take longer. Tech Pursuit insists you immediately contact the provider or the USPS service team for additional details and updated information.

How to resolve the original post is preparing the shipment?

Unfortunately, the customer cannot do much about the error. The USPS and the logistical provider await the fulfillment center’s update. Therefore, what everyone can do is wait.

However, if the package takes too long to reach the destination, it is a cause for concern. Therefore, contact the USPS customer service team immediately to share the shipment number. In addition, the customer can also email USPS. In addition, locate the closest police office here for professional assistance. We guarantee these options are sufficient to identify the package’s location.

What do you think so far?

In short, Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment implies that the package is on its way from the vendor. The logistic message is nothing to worry about. However, the package is facing a small delay, and you will receive it shortly.

If the message hasn’t been updated in a long time, it is best to contact the seller and the logistical provider to identify its whereabouts. Otherwise, hackers might get to it first. Click here on how to prevent intruders from accessing your private network.


What should I do if my package gets stuck at “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment”?

If your package remains in this status for an extended period, it’s advisable to reach out to the seller or the e-commerce platform’s customer support. They can provide you with more information and assistance.

How long does the “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” phase typically last?

The duration of this phase can vary depending on factors such as the seller’s location, shipping method chosen, and any customs clearance requirements. It can range from a few hours to several days.

Can I speed up the “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” phase?

Unfortunately, this phase is a standard part of the shipping process, and it cannot be expedited. Patience is key when waiting for your package to move to the next stage.

What happens if my package encounters delays after “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment”?

Delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather events, customs inspections, or high shipping volumes. If you experience significant delays, contact the shipping carrier or the seller for assistance.

Is “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” the final status message before delivery?

No, it is not the final status. Your package will go through several more status updates before reaching your doorstep. “Out for Delivery” and “Delivered” are the statuses to look for when your package is near.

Can I change the shipping address once the package is in the “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” phase?

Address changes at this stage can be challenging, but it’s worth contacting the seller or the shipping carrier to inquire about any possible options. However, it’s best to ensure accurate address information at the time of purchase.

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