What Channel Is Peacock on Dish? The Answers You Seek

Before we reveal what channel is Peacock on Dish, let’s discuss the TV service a little. Peacock offers excellent service on NBC Universal. It was created during the pandemic to provide viewers with unlimited entertainment. Comcast owns the Peacock channel. Moreover, its services are at the same level as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. However, Peacock is in the early entertainment phase until it attracts a global audience.

Peacock is popular among the viewers because of its inexpensive service. It is more budget-friendly than the competitors. Using the term television network to define Peacock is inappropriate. The discussion will refer to a streaming service offering various films, events, and sports. In addition, the user can browse channels like a television.

Channel Numbers for Peacock TV

Watch the channels anytime

Channel NumberChannel Name
1American Greed
2Bad Girls Club
3Black Cinema
4Black-Led Comedy
5Black-Led Drama
6BRAVO Below Deck
7BRAVO Million Dollar Listing
8BRAVO Real Housewives
9Casa Cerrado
12Comedy Movies
13Comedy TV
15Dateline 24/7
16Drama TV
17Great Finds
18Hallmark Channel
19Hallmark Drama
20Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
21Hell’s Kitchen
22Hit Blockbuster Movies
23Kiss Me Deadly
24Law & Order
25LOL! Network
26NBC Boston News
27NBC Chicago News
28NBC Lx News
29NBC Los Angeles News
30NBC New York News
31NBC News Now
32NBC Philadelphia News
33NBC South Florida News
34NBC Sports
35NFL Channel
36One Chicago
37Out of this world
38Peacock Picks Family
39Peacock REALITY
40Premier League
41Race Against Crime
42Rotten Tomatoes Movie Channel
43Sky News
44Sitcom Staples
45SNL Vault
47T Al Día
48The Office
49This Old House
50Today All Day
51True Crime
52Unresolved Mysteries
53Watch This Week
54WWE Network
55Witching Hour

Peacock Entertainment

Channel NumberChannel Name
1AFV Family
2Black Cinema
3Black Led Comedy
4The Bob Ross Channel
5Can’t Not Laugh
6Circle (music)
7Classic Crime TV
8Classic TV
9Fallon Tonight
10Great Finds
11Hot Blockbuster Movies
12LOL! Network
13Loop (music)
14Out of this World
15Peacock Originals
16Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies
17Peacock Picks: Family Movies
19Rotten Tomatoes
20SNL Vault
21This Old House
22USA Classic Characters
23Witching Hour

Peacock News and Panel

Channel NumberChannel Name
1Today All Day
2The Choice from MSNBC
3Sky News
4CNBC Ka-Ching
5NBC Boston News
6NBC Chicago News
7NBC News Now
8NBC South Florida News
9Sky News

Peacock Sports

Channel NumberChannel Name
1NBC GolfPass
2Olympic Spotlight
3Premier League TV
5NBC Sports
6NFL Channel

Peacock Crime Documentary

Channel NumberChannel Name
1American Greed
2Dateline 24/7
3Kiss Me Deadly
5True Crime

Peacock Spanish

Channel NumberChannel Name
1Caso Cerrado
3Peacock Latino
4Telemundo al Dia

Reality TV

Channel NumberChannel Name
1Bad Girls Club
2Hell’s Kitchen
3In It to Win It
4Million Dollar Listing
5Peacock Reality
6Below Deck

What channel is Peacock on Dish?

It is time to reveal what channel is Peacock on Dish! The answer is straightforward. Unfortunately, Peacock does not have a channel on Dish Network. It is a streaming service that is only playable on compatible devices such as smart televisions, media players, web browsers, and devices.

However, you can browse the Peacock TV as an application on your favorite terminal. Therefore, activate and install it with the steps below.

  • Turn on the Dish TV on your television.
  • Connect the TV to the internet connection. Learn how to improve Wi-Fi signals here.  
  • Click the Home Button on the remote
  • Select Apps
  • Browse the list for the Peacock TV application. If you cannot find it, type Peacock TV in the search bar.
  • Click on Install on the screen
  • Wait for the application to download and install
  • After installation, click Open
  • Sign up to the TV with relevant details. You can log in using the credentials as well.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  1. After learning what channel is Peacock on Dish, you are excited to watch your favorite show. However, Peacock is not working properly. Try the following suggestions.
  2. Assess if the Peacock TV is working or not. Sometimes, the server may be facing technical issues. Therefore, browse the Peacock social media for answers. Moreover, you can also post a query on Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  3. Peacock allows three simultaneous streams. If more viewers log into the profile, everyone disconnects from the server. Therefore, keep a check on the number of screens.

Alternative Ways to Stream Peacock TV

You can watch Peacock TV on many devices. For example, the streaming service is available on

  • Android and iOS
  • Roku and Fire TV stick
  • Apple and Smart TVs
  • Google Chromecast
  • PlayStation, Xbox, and gaming consoles

Follow the above steps to download, install, and view entertainment on Peacock TV.

However, there are circumstances where Peacock TV is unavailable in the search results. As a result, the user can Screen Mirror to load the screen on the smart TV. You will need a stable and high-speed internet.

Why subscribe to Peacock TV?

  • You can enjoy vast channels focusing on films, news, shows, and sports events. The individual stays updated with classics and new shows.
  • Secondly, Peacock TV offers excellent convenience. You can view the service on smartphones, media players, and browsers. Watch your favorite show at home or while traveling.
  • Peacock also airs exclusive and original content, which makes entertainment more joyful. The content is fresh and appeals to the newer generation.
  • You can create playlists, customize recommendations, and sign in with multiple profiles for an excellent viewing experience.

Time to conclude

What channel is Peacock on Dish is a complicated discussion. However, we hope the content above is simplified. With the extensive channel list, you can browse Peacock Entertainment to discover shows in your language.

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