What Channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV?

The 2023 MLB season is upon us, and we are more excited than ever. Unfortunately, the joyous feelings become dull when one wonders where they watch unlimited sports with their favorite team. The answer is DirecTV. Here is a complete guide to the service where you watch the Dodgers with no cable.

Why DirecTV for Dodger Games?

Let’s start by discussing the features of DirecTV. Its benefits will surely impress you. Here are the highlights to convince you to subscribe to DirecTV:

Live Streams

The user can watch live content on their favorite channel. Play your favorite series, drama, movie, or sports team anytime.

Streaming Quality

The user can customize the streaming quality depending on the requirement. The DirecTV offers HD, UHD, and 4K. Watch your favorite team and players in crystal clear quality.


DirecTV is well-known for its sports streaming services. The individual can browse for their team and check scores. You will stay updated with the latest information about your team. Streaming sports also brings families and friends together.


The DirecTV network has a long list of channels for every demographic. The streaming service has entertainment for adults and kids. It is a nice escape from the daily stress of personal or professional lives.

TV Apps

DirecTV has a streaming service called Smart TV HUB. The user can sign in with their credentials at any time. Moreover, the users can share the screen.  

DirecTV Subscription packages

DirecTV Entertainment

  • the package costs $64.99 per month with an advanced service fee.
  • More than 165 channels, such as AMC, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, and ESPN2.
  • The local channels are included in the package without additional costs.
  • The user receives the updated Gemini device with a $120 value
  • Premium networks offered
  • Premium channels in the first three months of Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, MGM+, and Cinemax.

DirectTV Choice

  • The package costs $84.99 monthly, which will not change first two years.
  • More than 200 channels, such as ACC Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, SEC Network
  • Regional sports and most-demanded local channels are included.
  • The package includes the newest Gemini device.
  • Enjoy premium channels for the first three months, including Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax, and MGM.

DirecTV Ultimate

  • The third package costs $109.99 per month with a price guaranteed for two years.
  • More than 270 channels on CBS Sports Network, Discovery Family, FX Movie Channel, STARZ Encore, and NHL Network.
  • Regional sports, RSNs, and local channels are part of the list.
  • The Gemini device is included in the service.
  • The first free months have access to premium channels such as Max, SHOWTIME, MGM+, Cinemax, and STARZ.

DirecTV Premiere

  • The last package costs $154.99 per month. The price is guaranteed for two years.
  • More than 340 channels are part of the list. You can watch SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax.
  • Regional and local channels are included
  • Enjoy the Gemini Device for free.
  • The free three months for MGM+ are free.

DirecTV Sports-focused package

If you are a sports lover and constantly wonder what channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV, then their sports package is for you. The DirecTV Sports Pack is an add-on service for die-hard sports fans. The package offers access to more than 35 sports channels. As a result, you can watch the NFL Network, MLB Network, Fox Soccer Plus, and everything in between.

Moreover, the channel offers access to local sports so you do not miss a moment from the community. The special channels in the package are Outside Television, Golf Channel, Univision TN, and Fox Deportes. You can subscribe to the Sports Pack while setting up the above four options.

Why should sports fans subscribe to DirecTV?

The DirecTV services have increased immensely over the years, especially sports-related content. You can watch, record, and look for your favorite teams with a few clicks. Moreover, the team pages will keep you engaged about the playing squad with live entertainment. My Teams Carousel allows you to customize the sports experience with playback features. You can add the teams to the screen for updates.

How to watch the Dodgers Game channel DirecTV?

The team was initially called the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is a famous American baseball team with a massive following. Before we share what channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV, the sports lover can match the team, the scores, and the time on the streaming service. DirecTV is a cable provider that has endless channels for browsing.

Here is what answer to what channel is the Dodger game on DirecTV:

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPN 2209
Bally Sports692
Fox Sports 1219
MLB Network213
Sports Net LA HD690

The Dodger Game is available on the channels as mentioned above for live viewing. The cable service updates the scores regularly with highlights available on the channel. Click here for the detailed guide to watch Bally Sports on Dish TV.

Alternative Methods

Other ways to watch Dodger’s Game streaming services

  1. Amazon Prime Video is an excellent alternative to watching a live Dodger game. It costs $8.99 a month.
  2. Secondly, Fubo is also an excellent streaming service. You can stream sports with more than 100 channels. The expense is $69.99 a month.
  3. Sling TV costs $50 a month for ESPN and NFL Network. The content is excellent quality and budget-friendly.
  4. Hulu Live TV lets users browse movies, shows, and sports. You can stream on two devices simultaneously at $69.99 a month.

The details are available here.

DirecTV Streaming Options

The DirecTV also has a streaming option that unlocks premium content. The user can download the application on your phone, tablet, or smart TV to watch the dodger came. The subscriber can enjoy the content because there are no filler channels. Simply log on and click the channel thumbnail. Visit https://streamtv.directv.com/ to try free streaming.

Mobile Applications for Watching Games on the Go

The best mobile application to watch sports so you do not have to worry about what channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV is on YouTube TV. Browse NBC, FOX, ESPN, and CBS for $64.99 monthly. You can watch the Dodgers game on YouTube TV while traveling, working, or driving.

The Last Note

We hope the information on the topic of what channel is the Dodger Game on DirecTV was successful. It is an excellent service that offers many channels on the list. Now, you can sign up and decide on the best package for your sports-viewing needs. For guidelines on streaming 200 Mules or Yankee Game, visit the website today.

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